Digital Scholarly Editions: from Literary and Linguistic Computing to Digital Humanities

Date: Wednesday 05th May 2010 - 5:00pm

Maison Française d'Oxford

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Research programme: Digital Humanities

Speaker: Lou Burnard, OUCS, Oxford-TGE Adonis, Paris

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This talk will try to identify a pattern in the vagaries of emphasis common to the last thirty years of the application of digital and information technologies to traditional fields of scholarly and especially philological endeavour. It will negotiate the transformations implicit in the development of an interdisciplinary discipline which has at various times called itself "literary and linguistic computing", "humanities computing", and most recently "digital humanities". It will try to argue that there is an underlying contradiction between notions of text as a communicative and performative act, and text as a stream of data, of intentional value, which the application of digital technologies leads us to confront, with differing emphasIs at different times. It will argue that such issues are at the heart of the humanities, not peripheral to it, and that hence the use of digital technologies is central to the humanities.