The BookBlast® Podcast 2020 series 'Bridging the Divide : Translation & the Art of Empathy'

30 July to 05 November

bookblast podcast 2020

Thursday 30 July, 5 pm: A ground-breaking weekly podcast series kicks off, championing independent publishers committed to publishing writing in translation; their authors and translators; including a guest interview with the publisher behind Nordic Noir.



The podcast line-up features award-winning, bestselling authors from across Europe, including Lars Mytting, J.S. MargotTommy Wieringa and Tahar Ben Jelloun, as well as interviews with their publishers Christopher MacLehoseAdam Freudenheim and Philip Gwyn Jones.





In a Covid-19 world, as social distancing becomes the norm, and travel to faraway places is but a dream, books in translation are more important than ever, offering new and alternative ways of seeing and understanding each other over and beyond daily news broadcasts.


So be an armchair traveller and escape the Coronavirus pandemic through sampling some of the finest translated literature published this year.


The Hosts

Bridging the Divide is hosted by editor, Georgia de Chamberet, and journalist, Lucy Popescu. The series introduces to readers a selection of new writing in translation by diverse authors, and flies in the face of the view that literary translation is just for the highbrow.

Each episode features authors, translators, or publishers discussing a lead title in translation published this year, and talking about their own work. The themed conversations also show how world writing promotes empathy, connecting us to each other at a time of unprecedented crisis.


More information and full programme: