Migration/COVID-19 newsfeeds: a new project at the MFO

covid migration

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, in collaboration with the IRD, the research centres MIGRINTER and CEPED and the Institut Convergence Migrations in Paris, the Maison Française d’Oxford, as a Social Science research lab, has developed a new project to understand the relationship between international migrations and COVID-19, using media monitoring, textual analysis and cartographic representation.

The 6 Migration/COVID-19 newsfeeds can be found here:

Newsfeed World: https://seenthis.net/people/thomas_lacroix (Thomas Lacroix)
Newsfeed Balkans: https://seenthis.net/people/luciebacon (Lucie Bacon)
Newsfeed Africa: https://seenthis.net/people/ceped_migrinter_afrique (Nelly Robin)
Newsfeed Middle East: https://seenthis.net/people/tony_rublon (Tony Rublon)
Newsfeed East Asia: https://seenthis.net/people/zhipeng_li (Zhipeng Li)
Newsfeed Health: https://seenthis.net/people/veronique_petit (Véronique Petit)

For more information, please email Thomas Lacroix (MFO)