'From sideration to consideration: Reimagining migration representations with utopian poetry'

An article by Justine Feyereisen (Wolfson/MFO/FWA) for the Oxford Migration Conference 2020

courard bab el dahab vue2

Immigration tops the list of the main concerns in the European public opinion [1]. It is therefore hardly surprising that the current migration in the Mediterranean has a major impact on the political decisions in the European Union. If anti-migrant resentment has become a primary political argument, mobilisations from civil society in favour of vulnerable migrants have at the same time paved the way for new forms of citizen participation. Among this movement of reflection, protest and solidarity, many writers’ texts have emerged as attempts to modify the citizen’s perceptions on migration dynamics. This short presentation will observe the dialectic of utopia in three poetic essays, which condemn abusive representations of migrants and renew the collective imagination of migration in order to transform our relationship to hospitality.

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Illustration 'Bab El Dahab -  Vue 2' by Denis Courard



About the Oxford Migration Conference 2020 'Reimagining Migration Narratives':
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