AFHOPOS III (Anglo French Seminar in the History of Philosophy of Science)

‘20th Century French Philosophy of Science: Hélène Metzger and Georges Canguilhem’


Cristina Chimisso (Open University), “Hélène Metzger: Historian and Historiographer of the Sciences”

Wolf Feurhahn (CNRS, Centre Koyré), “Political Aspects of Georges Canguilhem’s Conception of ‘Milieu’ and ‘Milieus’.” 


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The Anglo-French Seminar in the History of Philosophy of Science (AFHOPOS) takes place once per term. It brings together English and French historians of philosophy of science to discuss a common area of enquiry. AFHOPOS is organised in collaboration between the Maison Française d’Oxford (MFO), the Oxford Centre for the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology (OCHSMT), and the Oxford Centre for Intellectual History.

Convener: Mogens Lærke (CNRS, Maison Française d’Oxford)




Pictures: Georges Canguilhem and Hélène Metzger