All Souls College, Oxford/Maison Française d’Oxford

Convenors: Mogens Lærke, Maya Krishnan, Dmitri Levitin.


The Anglo-Franco-American Graduate Student workshop in Early Modern Philosophy was established in 2013 as an annual event co-organised between three French and three American universities. It is designed as a forum for PhD students and their supervisors to meet, exchange, and present their work in progress. This is the first year that the Workshop will incorporate participants form the UK. It is also the first time that attendance will be open.


The Workshop will be held on Zoom. All are very welcome, and we particularly encourage participation from graduate students. To register, please click here :]


Download the programme here (or see below)



(British Summer Time)

Thursday 1 July

2:00–2:15pm Welcome

2:15–2:50pm MÉLANIE ZAPPULA (Université of Paris I), “Spinoza's Common Notions and the Euclidian Geometry”

2:50–3:25pm ERIN ISLO (Princeton), “Rational Society: Law in a State of Philosophers”

3:35–4:00pm MARINE BEDON (ENS de Lyon), “L'Ethique de Spinoza et l’Ecosophie T d’Arne Naess”

4:00–4:30pm Break

4:30–5:05pm MAYA KRISHNAN (All Souls College, Oxford), “"The justification for positing an ens realissimum in Kant's theology”

5:05–5:40pm NICHOLAS CURRIE (UCL), “Logical Structure and Wolffian Metaphysics”

5:40–6:00pm Break

6:00–6:35pm KYRIAKOS FYTAKIS (University of Paris I), “Nicolas Malebranche and the Problem of Spinozism in the Cartesian Tradition”

6:35–7:10pm HAO DONG (Princeton), “The Political Free Man: Spinoza's Critique of Hobbes on the Foundations of Political Life”

Friday 2 July

2:00–2.15pm Welcome

2:15–2:50pm LOUIS PIJAUDIER-CABOT (ENS Ulm, Paris), “Malebranche and Leibniz on Possible Worlds”

2:50–3:25pm CLAUDIA DUMITRU (Princeton), “Scarcity and the Hobbesian State of Nature”

3:35–4:00pm CAMILLE CHEVALIER (ENS de Lyon), “Spinoza’s Obsequium, an Inquiry on Freedom and Domination”

4:00–4:30pm Break

4:30–5:05pm SAMUEL LE GENDRE (ENS Ulm, Paris), “L’Appétit du Non-être en Questions. XIIIe-XVIIe siècle”

5:05–5:40pm NATASHA BAILEY (New College, Oxford), “Unity and the ‘Method of Systems’ in English Academic Natural Philosophy, c.1690-1740”

5:40–6:00pm Break

6:00–6:35pm ÅSNE GRØGAARD (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford), “The Problem of Hope in Leibniz's Philosophy”

6:35–7:10pm CAMILO SILVA (ENS Ulm, Paris), “Was Leibniz a Creationist ? An Emanatist Interpretation of the Concept of Creation in Leibniz’s Metaphysics”

Saturday 3 July

2–5pm. Author-meets-critics session on Émilie Du Châtelet and the Foundations of Physical Science (London: Routledge, 2019) by KATHERINE BRADING (Duke University). With commentaries by ANNE-LISE REY (Paris X Nanterre), JULIA BORCHERDING (Cambridge), and DMITRI LEVITIN (All Souls, Oxford).