In Search of Marcel Proust

A conversation with Antoine Compagnon (Collège de France) and Christopher Prendergast (University of Cambridge), chaired by Louise Ferris (University of Oxford).


Everything in Proust’s work seems to be marked by yesterday’s world, to use Stefan Zweig’s words. And yet, there is a kind of eternal youthfulness in his masterful oeuvre À la Recherche du temps perdu, which is the hallmark of great works. What is the reason for this, a century after its publication? What does this voice of yesterday tell us in today’s world?

Two distinguished Proust experts, Antoine Compagnon and Christopher Prendergast discuss these matters with Louise Ferris.


Tue 29 June 6pm | £5 (onsite) or free livestream on Facebook and YouTube


As part of the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Marcel Proust

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