Choix Goncourt UK: online interviews with shortlisted authors

The Choix Goncourt UK is a great occasion for British students who love reading to discover or develop a taste for contemporary French literature. This year, 15 UK-based universities and their students are taking part in this literary event.
Students are convening in reading groups to discuss the books from the Académie Goncourt shortlist. On Friday 22 March, they will meet to choose their winner.


The final selection for the 2023 prize (Goncourt UK 2024) is as follows:

Humus, by Gaspard Koenig, L'Observatoire
Triste tigre by Neige Sinno, POL 
Sarah, Susanne et l'écrivain, by Eric Reinhardt, Gallimard
Veiller sur elle by Jean-Baptiste Andrea, L'Iconoclaste


As part of the fifth edition of the Choix Goncourt UK, the Maison Française d'Oxford recorded a series of online conversations with Gaspard Koenig, Jean-Baptiste Andrea, and Neige Sinno.
Hosted by Catriona Seth (University of Oxford), these online conversations include readings of excerpts by Anne de Peufeilhoux. 


Posted on 04.03.2024 - Gaspard Koenig for 'Humus'

Choix Goncourt UK: Gaspard Koenig for 'Humus' (Les Éditions de l'Observatoire, 2023)














Posted on 05.03.2024 - Jean-Baptiste Andrea for 'Veiller sur elle'

Choix Goncourt UK: Jean Baptiste Andrea for 'Veiller sur elle' (L'Iconoclaste, 2023)














Posted on 06.03.2024 - Neige Sinno for "Triste Tigre"

Choix Goncourt UK: Neige Sinno for 'Triste Tigre' (POL, 2023)