'Channels of Digital Scholarship' Seminar

‘Pathways to professionalisation: Graduate training in digital scholarship and its methods (a UK-France conversation)’

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Join us at the Maison Française or on Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83932713166?pwd=QitBVjRWTzFrVGFHSjQwV2xDVS9Qdz09 (Meeting ID: 839 3271 3166 - Passcode: 598930)

With Sarah Ogilvie (University of Oxford), Paul Spence (King’s College London), Ioana Galleron (Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3), and Jean-Baptiste Camps (Venice Center for Digital and Public Humanities/École nationale des chartes PSL).

Convened by Andrew Cusworth (Digital Scholarship, Oxford) and Olivier Delouis (CNRS, MFO), with Goran Gaber (EHESS, LIER-FYT), Pascal Marty (MFO), Tristan Alonge (Université de la Réunion), Grégoire Lacaze (MFO/Aix Marseille)


The general aim of the seminar/discussion, is an exchange of information about the different offerings of our various institutions in the field of digital humanities/scholarship training.

We are looking towards presentations from each panellist of between 10 and 15 minutes in length.

Particular matters of interest that have been identified are:
- the curriculum of each course, how it evolved, and why;
- if there is a particular emphasis for each course (practical, theoretical, &c.);
- the make-up and background of the student body for each course, and how students are selected;
- what the prospects and possibilities might be for students going on from the course, in the sense of career directions, and whether trends might be emergent about where they want or are tending to go, once they have finished their course.

The purpose is, in essence, one of comparing, contrasting, and exchanging ideas in a collegial rather than competitive fashion. It is an opportune moment for such discussions, with an increasing degree of professionalisation in the digital humanities, and also with the recent launch of Oxford’s own MSc in Digital Scholarship.

The seminar will take place in the seminar room at the Maison Française d’Oxford and on Zoom (see link above).
This event is open to the public and in particular to students interested in Digital Humanities.

Useful links:

MSc in Digital Scholarship at Oxford 

MA in Digital Humanities at KCL

MA in Digital Humanities at Sorbonne-Nouvelle