Exhibition 'Archiving the Archive: a Photographic Record' by Bing Ye

Organised as part of Photo Oxford Festival

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© Ye Bing, 2023

How can one apprehend the long history and complex nature of a new place? What do disparate items and documents tell us about the people who have been inhabiting the site? Do objects and archives materialise the presence and transfer of knowledge?   

By investigating the visual archive of the Maison Française, following the traces of the past, and documenting the tangible expression of human presence, Bing Ye’s work explores the analogies and resonance between past and present times.   

Inspired by the Encyclopédie and the Que sais-je? series, two radically different and important editorial collections in France, this photographic project uses photographs, books, documents, and objects of daily use in the Maison Française d’Oxford archives.  

Bing Ye is a visual artist and researcher based in London and Hangzhou, primarily working with photography and printmaking. Bing obtained a BA in Printmaking at the Chinese Academy of Arts in Hangzhou and an MA in 2021 at the Royal College of Art in London. 

Bing skillfully uses various techniques of photography and traditional printmaking. With a focus on materiality and history, Bing’s practice explores the relationship between photography and perception, between photography and other media. Bing's work encompasses the minimalism in landscape photography, transcultural visual culture and temporality of photography. 

Recent exhibitions include Ineffable 天地有大美,(Taipei 2023); Between Shanshui, Thames City 1974 Club Gallery (UK, London 2021-2022); Aperture Photographic Print Show, Aperture Gallery(UK, London,2022); NOUA December exhibition, NŌUA Gallery, (NO, Bodø, 2021); After the High Tide, Cromwell Place, (UK, London, 2021). 




Exhibition 'The origins of the Maison Française d'Oxford (1946-1970)'