INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 'The Nicene and Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creeds. Tensions, Rapprochements, Effects'


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The Nicene and Nicene- Constantinopolitan Creeds
Tensions, Rapprochements, Effects

11–12 December 2023
Maison Française d’Oxford

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Monday, 11 December 2023
Maison Française d’Oxford


9.00–9.30: Institutional Greetings
Chair: Olivier Delouis, CNRS, Maison Française d’Oxford

H. Em. Nikitas, Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain
H. Em. Angaelos, Coptic Orthodox Archbishop of London


9.30–10.50: Session 1
Chair: Judith Herrin, University of Oxford

Christoph Markschies, Humboldt Universität, Berlin
“Privatbekenntnisse” (private confessions) – Confessions of Church Parties – Confessions of the Holy Apostolic Church: The Usefulness of a Classical Model of Reception
Mark Edwards, University of Oxford
The Philosophy of Nicaea


10.50–11.10: Coffee Break


11.10–13.10: Session 2
Chair: Phil Booth, University of Oxford

Richard Price, University of London
The Article on the Holy Spirit in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed: Content and Context
Sebastian Brock, University of Oxford
Translating the Unprecedented: Syriac Renderings of Terms for the Incarnation in the Nicene and Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed
Tessa Canella, Sapienza Università di Roma
Constantine, Helena, and the Council of Nicaea in the Canons of Marutha of Maïpherkat


13.10-14.30: Lunch


14.30–16.00: Session 3
Chair: Marianna Napolitano, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia/ FSCIRE

Krastu Banev, Durham University
“Prohibitum est sanctis patribus symbolo addere aliquid vel minuere”: The Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed in the Context of the Ninth-Century Missions to Moravia and Bulgaria
Dominic Moreau, Université de Lille
The Ancient Latin Translations of the Nicene and Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creeds: A Short Introductory Study to an Upcoming Reprint of C.H. Turner’s EOMIA
Olivier Delouis, CNRS, Maison Française d’Oxford
Bishops’ Creeds during Ordination in the Greek Tradition from Late Antiquity to the Present Day: Between Dogma, Bureaucracy and Liturgy


16.00–16.20: Coffe Break


16.20–17.40: Session 4
Chair: Patrick Goujon SJ, Centre Sèvres

Sonia Isidori, Università degli studi di Foggia
The Jesuit Approach to the Translation of the Creed in the Incas’ Languages
Paolo Aranha, Istituto italiano di Studi Germanici, Roma
The Reception of the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed in Early Modern South Asia


Tuesday, 12 December 2023
Maison Française d’Oxford


9.30–10.50: Session 5
Chair: Stan Rosenberg, University of Oxford

Anna Ohanjanyan, Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts “Matenadaran”, Yerevan
The Armenian Version of Nicene Anathema as a Polemical Tool in the Age of Confessions (17th–18th cc.)
Brandon Gallaher, University of Exeter
God With Us: A Contemporary Sophiological Reading of Nicaea


10.50–11.10: Coffee Break


11.10–12.30: Session 6
Chair: Rebecca White, The House of St Gregory & St Macrina, Regent’s Park College, Oxford

Paul Fiddes, University of Oxford
One Baptism: Interpreting and Applying the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed in Dialogue between Paedobaptists and Believer-Baptists
Andrew Louth, Emeritus Durham University
ὉΜOOΎΣΙΟΣ: The Creation of a Hallmark of Orthodoxy


II scientific international conference, promoted by FSCIRE and within the frame of the Consortium Nicaenum, on the occasion of the celebration of the 17th centenary of the Council of Nicaea (325-2025)

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