MFO / OxPo SYMPOSIUM ‘Contemporary research on environmental movements’

Convenors: Nathalie Berny (MFO) and Joost de Moor (SciencesPo Paris)

As the twin biodiversity and climate crises are ever more pressing and difficult to ignore, governments and political parties across Europe are disputing the need to address them effectively, while managing the growing backlash against environmental politicies. After the renewed climate mobilisations from 2018, the cycle for mass protest, public support and ambitious policy goals seems on the wane.  As the political context for climate activism continues to change, as the window of opportunity for mitigation continues to close (e.g. discussions of tipping points), and as activists continue to pursue strategic innovations (e.g. new forms of disruption), what are we to say about the current state, direction and (potential) successes of these historic movements? This meeting brings together UK- and France-based scholars working on environmental activism in Europe to present and collectively discuss their current research agendas, followed by a common discussion.


2.00-3.30pm: Presentations 
1. Brian Doherty (Keele University)
2. Graeme Hayes (Aston University)
3. Nathalie Berny (MFO, Sciences Po Rennes)
4. Joost de Moor (Sciences Po Paris)

15:30-16:30: Common discussion on the state, direction and potential successes of environmental and climate movements today