NIGHT OF IDEAS 2024: 'Fault Lines'

night of ideas



WORKSHOP 'THE BIG WAREHOUSE', Thursday 8 Feb 2024, 7.40pm, Institut Français du Royaume-Uni, London

As part of the 2024 Night of Ideas, sociologist Delphine Mercier and illustrator Mélanie Forné will discuss their collaboration and the interweaving of scientific and graphic work as part of the ANR Project 'The Big Warehouse'

Materialising ideas and scientific research through images is at the heart of the sociology research project 'The Big Warehouse'. In this workshop, we will explore how a researcher and an illustrator can work together to explain the scientific process and make its aims tangible. Drawing on work on the emergence of ‘free zones’ from industrial and commercial ‘grey zones’, The Big Warehouse sociology research project suggests that the storage function plays a crucial role in the organisation of what some economists call the ‘warehouse economy’. 

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Now a worldwide project, the Night of Ideas is a highly anticipated event in London. Crossing French and British perspectives, it tackles the latest ideas of our time and engages audiences through free debates with 30 leading figures.
The designated theme for this year’s edition is Fault Lines, inviting us to consider the instances in which historical events cross over with our most intimate selves, especially in light of the recent environmental, geopolitical and technological upheavals affecting the world.

Nancy Huston, whose novel’s title, Fault Lines, has inspired this year’s main theme, will open the Night. Leading experts, scientists, thinkers, academics and students, will come together to discuss contemporary issues and share their visions for a brighter future.

In the run-up to the Night of Ideas, a film season, 'Before the Night', echoes the different themes while a 'Little Night' invites young people to take part in workshops and pupils from British and French schools to reflect on the main topics.

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