Questioning ‘Western Philosophy’: Philosophical, Historical, & Historiographical Challenges

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Questioning ‘Western Philosophy’ will be the first international conference that subjects this concept to critical interrogation, asking whether it is legitimate, where it comes from, when and how it becomes widespread, and how it impacts our understanding of philosophy and its history. Building on work from, inter alia, the history of philosophy, global intellectual history, intercultural and comparative philosophy, critical philosophy of ‘race’, and decolonial studies, the conference will explore the concept of ‘Western Philosophy’ from philosophical, historical, and historiographical perspectives.

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The Conference will take place in person at Worcester College, Oxford, on 28th April (14:00-17:30), 29th April (9:00-18:30), and 30 April (9:00-18:30)
In Person: A limited number of tickets for in-person attendance (which includes a drinks reception on Friday 28th, and coffee/tea and lunch on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th) can be purchased here
Online: Alternatively, it is possible to register to watch the conference remotely in real time. To register to receive the link for the livestream recording, please complete this form.


Conference abstracts can be consulted here


Organizers: Lea Cantor (Oxford) & Josh Platzky Miller (Free State)
Assistant organizers: Sihao Chew, Jonathan Egid, Dmitri Levitin, & alicehank winham
In collaboration with Philiminality Oxford 
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The conference is generously supported by the British Society for the History of Philosophy; the Aristotelian Society; the Mind Association; the London Arts & Humanities Partnership; the UK Kant Society; the Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford; the Oxford Centre for Global History; the Oxford Centre for European History; the Oxford Centre for Early Modern Studies; All Souls College, Oxford; St Catherine’s College, Oxford; Worcester College, Oxford; the Maison française d’Oxford; and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.


questioning western philosophy philosophical historical historiographical challenges