SERIES OF EVENTS ‘An Emerging Storage Industry’

eventos anr bolivia chile abril 2024

'Le Grand Entrepôt' goes abroad to Bolivia and Chile.

The research programme 'The Big Warehouse' is organising its third annual international workshop in Bolivia and Chile from 5 April to 17 April 2024. This will be an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with Bolivian, Chilean and Peruvian colleagues at several key events during the stay. A book presentation at the Alliance Française in La Paz, a round table discussion at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz (Bolivia) and an international seminar at the Arturo Prat University in Iquique (Chile). During the workshop, several field visits will be made to La Paz and Iquique (market, port, free zone, storage areas, logistics).

List of participants:
Andrea Bottalico (Università degli Studi di Milano), Jhonny Copa (Universidad Arturo Prat), Emmanuelle Durand (IRIS - EHESS), Mélanie Forné, (Freelance-LEST,) Alejandro Garcés (Universidad Católica del Norte), Ricardo Jiménez (Universidad Privada de Tacna), Tania Jiménez (Universidad Arturo Prat), Taher Labadi (IFPO-CNRS), David Lagarde, (Freelance-LEST,) Claude Le Gouill (IRD - IFEA), Delphine Mercier (MFO- CNRS), José Miguel Muñoz (Instituto de Estudios Internacionales), Franck Poupeau (CREDA-CNRS), Nicolas Richard (CNRS - IFEA), Carolina Stefoni (Universidad de Tarapacá), Marcela Tapia (Universidad Arturo Prat), Nico Tassi (UCL Anthropology), Felipe Valdebenito (Universidad de Tarapacá).

Organising committee:
Kristelle Barniaud, LEST-CNRS
Mélanie Forné, Freelance-LEST
Tania Jiménez, Universidad Arturo Prat
David Lagarde, Freelance-LEST
Sophie Le Moigne, MFO
Delphine Mercier, MFO-CNRS
Franck Poupeau, CREDA-CNRS
Nico Tassi, UCL Anthropology