Special Opening of the exhibition 'Bell Brochette' and debate on cartoons and democracy

With Steve Bell, Olivier Auvray (curator), and Pascal Dupuy (University of Rouen)


Cartoon © Steve Bell

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The debate will be led by Olivier Auvray, Steve Bell and Pascal Dupuy around the exhibition "Bell Brochette" and the work of Steve Bell.

A brief introduction will open the debate on the notion of cartoons and democracy. What are the links that tie them together and which can possibly distort them? Are cartoons an essential component of freedom of expression, which itself seems to remain a determining element of democracy? A second point will replace the work of Steve Bell in the general history of caricature. Using a few examples and visual motifs, we will see how his graphic style can be associated with the cartoons of his predecessors, the history of caricature being also a slow process of acculturation. Finally, a third point, in the form of a dialogue, will address Steve Bell's conception of his work, its evolution and, more generally, his role and place in the contemporary media landscape in the age of digital media.

In the context of Steve Bell's colossal work, and in presence of the artist, we will endeavour to take a quick look at what is the fate of cartoonists in 2023. In a graphic essay, Ann Telnaes, a political cartoonist for the Washington Post, said that "editorial cartoonists are a vital part of any democracy". With her graphic essay in mind, we will focus on different examples showing that this art, which is based on freedom of expression, might be becoming endangered worldwide.


This event will be followed by a wine and cheese.
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