SYMPOSIUM 'The missed opportunity of the global Left during the seventies'


The Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America — Travail personnel, Domaine public,

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Convened by Marlène Rosano-Grange (OxPo) and Matt Myers (History Faculty, Oxford)

This conference aims to rethink the history of the left, its unrealised trajectories, and its failure during the global crisis of the 1970s through a comparative and multidisciplinary perspective (political economy, sociology, history). It will address the strategy of political organisations, the attempts at planning on the scale of socialist states, and the various forms of opposition generated against this global transnational movement. It will pose the crucial question of organisations' scalar strategy (national, European, international) through the actors' narratives to understand the "transnational" nature of social movements. It will offer an interpretation of unrealized opportunities that highlight moments of conjunctures and political choices, dialectically articulated with the economic conditions of possibility, in the conjuncture of the crisis of Fordism.


Political economy of the Left:
- Benjamin Bürbaumer (Economist, Sciences Po Bordeaux): On the planification of China during the seventies
- Hannah Bensussan (Economist, Université Paris 13): The Cybersyn experience and the use of information technologies in socialist planning of Chile
- Gautham Shiralagi (Sociologist, Columbia University) : The Indian case
- Marlène Rosano-Grange: European integration and the experience of the Left in Spain, Portugal and Greece

Political sociology and history of the Left:
2-4 pm

- Matt Myers (Historian, University of Oxford): Comparing the Left in France, Italy, Germany and the UK during the seventies
- Hèla Yousfi (Sociologist, Université Paris Dauphine): The Tunisian Left though the struggles for Palestine
- Ben Gowland (Human Geographer, University of Oxford): The Caribbean perspective
- Daniel Finn (Historian, Editor) : The case of IRA