UK Sartre Society Conference

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We’re delighted to announce this year’s UK Sartre Society conference programme. Join us Maison Française d’Oxford on 8-9 July 2024 for our largest conference to date, featuring:

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Selected Papers

  • Freedom and Imagination. Orhan Aslan (Middle East Technical)
  • The (Im)possibility of Authentic Subjectivity. Katharina Balk (Ruhr Bochum)
  • Beauvoir and Sartre on Old Age. Kiki Berk (Southern New Hampshire)
  • Sartre’s Reading in his Formative Years 1922 to 1929. Alfred Betschart (independent)
  • The Textual Play of Freedom: Derrida and Sartre. Samuel Buchoul (Cambridge)
  • Independence Begins in the Purse: The Primacy of Economics in Beauvoirs Concept of Situation. Thomas Chesworth (Birmingham)
  • Representative Matters. A Critique of Sartres Phenomenology of Physical Images. Federico Fantelli (Fribourg)
  • Marxism and Nationalism in Sartre: The Case of Anti-colonialism. Zoe Grange-Marczak (École Normale Supérieure)
  • Sartre on Being with Others: Language as Boundary and Opportunity. Svantje Guinebert (Leipzig)
  • The Style of Seriality: Social Kinds in Beauvoir and Sartre. Tris Hedges (Copenhagen)
  • Simone de Beauvoir and Finitude in Un Mort très douce and Mia Hansen-Løve’s Un Beau Matin. Marguerite La Caze (Queensland)
  • A Sartrean Conception of a Healthy Body: Either a Transparent Consciousness or an Opaque Thing? Nga Chun, Josh Law (Bristol)
  • Liberalisation Is Not Democratisation: Sartre, The Democrat. Alinafe Luka (Sussex)
  • Sartre’s Break with Heidegger in L’Être et le néant. Elad Magomedov (KU Leuven)
  • Feminist Pessimism Throughout the Years: The Influence of Simone de Beauvoir’s Philosophy and Late Style on Annie Ernaux. Sophia Millman (Princeton)
  • Sartre on Perception and Imagination as Radically Distinct Consciousnesses. Jonathan Mitchell (Cardiff)
  • An Existentialist or Marxist Ethics? Beauvoir’s Historical Materialist Critique of Consequentialism. Donovan Miyasaki (Wright State)
  • Sartre on Disposition, Freedom & Intersubjectivity. Allonzo Murríel Perez (independent)
  • When Love Goes Wrong: Beauvoir on Love, Authenticity, and the Break-up. Colette Olive (Cambridge)
  • The Existentialist Scène de Ménage: Sartre and Beauvoir on Free Couple. Thomas Payre (Cardiff)
  • Reflections on the European Question. Elisa Reato (Paris Nanterre)
  • Practice and Submission: Sartre’s Conception of the Subject after the Humanism Dispute with Foucault. Mathias Richter (Colorado Boulder)
  • From Idiot to Genius: Sartres Progressive-Regressive Method Applied to Gustave Flaubert. Thaís de Sá Oliveira (Beira Interior, Nucafe) and Alexandre Trzan-Ávila (Évora, Nucafe)
  • Praxis as Transnaturalisation: Sartre and Echeverría in dialogue. Andrés Saenz de Sicilia (Northeastern University London)
  • Sartre’s Ego as Dramaturgical Practical Identity. Asia Sakchatchawan (Oxford)
  • Blonde Precedes Blonde: An Existentialist Phenomenology of Cinematic Imagination. David Sorfa (Edinburgh)
  • Sartre and Cultural Restitution: From History’s Objects to Subjects of Their Own History. Lauren Stephens (Liverpool)
  • Sartre on the Inexplicability of Beings. Joshua Tepley (St Anselm)
  • Sartre and Bourdieu through Flaubert. Tommaso Testolin (Padova)
  • Unveiling Mystifications: Simone de Beauvoir’s Philosophy in America Day by Day. Julien Tribotté (Johns Hopkins)