WORKSHOP 'Evaluating Citizens' Assemblies: Facing challenges and exploring new perspectives'

ballange  visuel workshop deliberative democracy may 6

Convened by Aliénor Ballangé (ESC/MFO)

This workshop addresses the contemporary challenges facing deliberative citizens' assemblies. As these mechanisms face evolving social, political and global dynamics, it is imperative for academics, public officials and global civil society actors to critically assess and adapt. Our workshop highlights the need for a comprehensive examination of these challenges and underlines the importance of formulating innovative perspectives to respond effectively. By offering an interdisciplinary perspective, using both theoretical and empirical evidence, and drawing on diverse expertise, this exploration seeks to contribute to the ongoing discourse on the enhancement and sustainability of deliberative citizens' assemblies in the contemporary landscape. To this end, the first panel will critically examine the foundational elements of deliberative democracy, particularly its procedural and epistemic dimensions. The second panel will consider the potential of transnational/global citizens' assemblies.



1/ The value of deliberative democracy: Procedural and/or epistemic?

  • Annabelle Lever (ScPo Paris)
  • Charles Girard (Lyon University)

2/ Boundless deliberative democracy: Towards transnational/global citizens' assemblies?

  • André Bächtiger (Stuttgart Uni)
  • White & Ghassim (DPIR, Oxford)
  • Günter Tolkiehn (Veteran citizen of the COFOE, Hamburg)