The debate, France 24 'Humanitarian alert in Ukraine: Is Europe doing enough?'

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With Yves Sintomer (MFO/Paris 8)


In Ukraine, the destruction continues and the death toll increases. Tonight we are focusing on the humanitarian situation. This Monday, day 19 of the Russian invasion, there have been strikes on residential buildings on the outskirts of Kyiv. A Russian vice squeezing the Ukrainian capital.


There was tragic news about the young expectant mother stretchered out of the wreckage of a maternity ward in Mariupol last week. She has died, her baby too is dead. Hers was one of over 30 hospitals that have been struck by Russian bombardment since the war began on February 24.

Refugees keep trying to leave, and this Monday there were ten humanitarian corridors opened to allow this. Previously the Russians have opened fire on civilians trying to escape places like Mariupol, right now under Russian siege. Ukraine's deputy prime minister says Russian shelling is still preventing delivery of aid to Mariupol.


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