Online conference 'Queer Faith: Marginalization, Citizenship, and Nationhood'

September 25th, 2020

louvre  releves des mosaiques de la grande mosquee de damas 705 715

This event will be held via Zoom. You will receive a link the day before the event.

Queer people who are members of minority religious groups must often navigate marginalizations from multiple angles. Those perceived as members of minority religious groups face an increasing wave of bigotry, manifested in the transnational right wing’s string of victories in recent years. In addition to race- and religion-based discrimination and violence, the marginalization of queer people in minority religious groups is often compounded by queerphobic rejection from their ethno-religious social groups and broader society. Moreover, religious and counter-normative gender and sexual identities are often specifically pitted against each other in both religious and political hegemonic national and transnational discourses. With these issues in mind, this symposium aims to build upon recent developments in emerging literature on the intersection of queer and religious identities, with a particular focus on marginalization, citizenship, and the nation.


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