THE OXFORD TROBADORS return to the stage

Sunday 5th June, the SHELDONIAN THEATRE, at 6 pm.

sheldonian image

Tickets from  01865 305305. £12, £25, £50

Students: a sponsor has made some complimentary tickets available for registered students in modern language and other studies related to the Trobadors.  Email if you wish to apply for a complimentary ticket. Include your college, or Maison Francaise, and stage of study in your email. 


European language, historical and cultural students may like to know that the OXFORD TROBADORS are returning to the Stage again after the lockdowns with a Concert in the Sheldonian Theatre on Sunday 5thJune. The concert will include performances of several medieval trobadors and trobairitz from the South of France, including Arnaut Daniel, Peire Vidal, Bernard de Ventadorn, Jaufre Rudel and Marcabru, as well as some modern Occitan songs. The concert has been arranged as a fusion event with leading Bengali musicians in the UK, who perform in a tradition that derives from a trobador-like song tradition very similar to that of the Occitan trobadors. 


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