CONFERENCE ’French courts and European law/Le juge français et le droit européen'


Estelle Cros (French Liaison Judge, French Embassy in London)

Please note that the conference will be given in French.


The conference will present the uniqueness of the integrated legal order of the European Union and the link between the components of European law and French law. Primacy, direct effect, the principle of subsidiarity, the dialogue between judges, lead us to reflect on the contours of the office of the national judge in its exercise and to think of the judge as a tool of Community integration. Europe of law, Europe of justice, what challenges and challenges does the French Presidency of the European Union intend to support?

La conférence présentera la  singularité de l’ordre juridique intégré de  l’Union européenne  et l’articulation entre  les composantes du droit européen avec le droit français .  Primauté, effet direct, principe de de subsidiarité, dialogue des juges,  amènent  à  réfléchir sur les contours de  l’office du juge national dans son exercice et  de penser le juge comme  outil de l’intégration communautaire.  Europe du droit, Europe de la justice,  quels enjeux et défis  que  la présidence française de l’Union européenne entend soutenir  ?


Please note that there will be two sessions of this conference. Participants can either attend the first session from 11.30am to 12.45pm or the following one from 2.30 to 3.45pm.

To attend the event, please register here.

Lunch will be available at the Maison Française between 1 pm and 2.15 pm for the Oxford and Paris 2 exchange students of the Law Faculty: please seize the opportunity to mingle and get to know each other!


Estelle Cros has been the French Liaison judge in London since 1 September 2020, after having worked at the Court of Appeal of Saint-Denis de la Réunion as an adviser in charge of the general secretariat.
Between 2015 and 2018, she worked at the Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature as training coordinator and coordinator of the international dimension unit.
Ms CROS is a specialist in the instruments of international mutual assistance in criminal matters due to her varied experience in overseas or cross-border jurisdictions.

The liaison judge is a French judge or public prosecutor, seconded to the Foreign Ministry by the Justice Ministry. He/she works in 4 areas:

* mutual assistance in international criminal matters;         
- mutual assistance in civilian and commercial legal matters;     
- comparative law;   
- exchanges between French and British judicial authorities.


This event is organised in collaboration with the Institute of European and Comparative Law (IECL)

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