Journées Vernant

Convened by Nino Luraghi (New College)



Thursday, May 12th

Ioannou Centre, Lecture Theater


4:00 pm

Vinciane Pirenne Delforge (Collège de France)

Greek gods as “divine powers”: A debated issue born of Vernant’s work


Friday, May 13th

Ioannou Centre, Lecture Theater


9 am

E. Piette (University of Liège)

Artemis plus: Naming and combining divine powers in Paros and Thasos.


9:40 am

V. Strachan (Merton College University of Oxford)

The Forecast from Olympus: The Graeco-Roman religious climate


10:20 am coffee break


10:40 am

J. Dechevez (University of Liège)

Creating a power, assigning prerogatives: The divine profile of the Ptolemies in Alexandria


11:20 am

H. Petin (Corpus Christi College University of Oxford)

Remembering Aulis – Euripides IA, Iliad II and Vernant’s concept of the tragic “volonté”