‘New Imaginaries of Migration’ Webinar

‘To Multiply the Angles. The photographs of Emeric Lhuisset’

lhuisset lautre

Photographie d'Emeric Lhuisset issue de sa série 'L'Autre Rive' (2010-2018)

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Speakers: Émeric Lhuisset, photographer and lecturer in contemporary art and geopolitics at Paris Science Po and Élisa Ganivet, art historian, editor of the Borders in Globalization Review

To go beyond hackneyed mainstream media images of migration, this webinar series explores alternative visual means to portray today's refugees. To this end, each session will gather both an artist and a researcher to investigate ways of renewing the collective imaginary of migration. During the first webinar, photographer Emeric Lhuisset recently back from Ukraine and art historian specialist of border aesthetics Elisa Ganivet will be invited.


Convener: Elsa Gomis (University of Oxford/MFO), Corinne Fortier (CNRS/Laboratoire d'Anthropologie Sociale du Collège de France)