From Byzantium to the Ottoman world in South-Eastern Europe

First workshop: Conceptualizing transition: actors, patterns and span

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The programme “From Byzantium to the Ottoman world in South-Eastern Europe” (EfA, 2022-2026) aims to promote and assess the key period of the 14th-16th centuries from a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspective. A series of thematic workshops shall provide the setting for Byzantinists, Slavists, Ottomanists, and scholars working on the Medieval and Modern period to meet and discuss innovative approaches and little-known material. In the long term, we intend to build a community of scholars, doubled by a network of institutions that would facilitate collaboration and thus inspire future research projects.


First International workshop, convened and supported by:
Olivier Delouis, CNRS – Maison française d’Oxford
Lilyana Yordanova – École française d’Athènes


Conceptualizing transition: actors, patterns and span
École française d’Athènes, 20 May 2022

The conference will take place on-site at the EfA and will also be livestreamed:


Programme (Download the PDF)

10 am
Véronique Chankowski
(Director, École française d’Athènes) & Gilles De Rapper (Director of the Department of Modern and Contemporary Studies, École française d’Athènes)


10.20 am
Lilyana Yordanova
(École française d’Athènes, UMR 8167 Orient et Méditerranée)

Opening Remarks

10.30 am
Yves Sintomer
(Université Paris 8 Vincent-Saint-Denis, Maison française d’Oxford)

Keynote: Critical lessons from the “transition studies” in political science

11 am
Olivier Bouquet
(Université Paris Cité, UMR 245 - Centre d’études en sciences sociales 
sur les mondes africains, américains et asiatiques)
Periodization, Transition and Transformation in Ottoman Studies

11.30 pm

12-2 pm
Lunch break

2 pm
Kostis Smyrlis
(National Hellenic Research Foundation)

A Macedonian Village in Transition: Hagios Mamas from the Byzantines to the Ottomans (14th-15th c.)

2.30 pm
Suna Ca
ğaptay (University of Cambridge, Bahçeşehir University)

Concealed Motion: Buildings, Builders, and Patrons during the Post-Seljuk Scramble

3 pm
Paschalis Androudis
(Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

From Byzantine Thessaloniki to Ottoman Selânik (15th-16th c.): Aspects of its Transformation

3.30 pm

4 pm
Olivier Delouis
(CNRS, Maison française d’Oxford, UMR 8167 Orient et Méditerranée)

Concluding remarks

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